The Window of Thai Food Project is a project that will strengthen the Thai food industry through 3 main values; being a channel to create market opportunities for Thai food products to reach more consumers (Window of Opportunities), being an integrated source for the creation, development and commercialization of products and services related to the Thai food industry (Incubator & Facilitator) and being a channel to raise consumer awareness and acceptance of the values of Thai food products in various dimensions (Brand and Long-Term Loyalty) in terms of culture, quality, innovation and creativity, excellence in taste and nutritional value, including production with a foundation of balanced and sustainable living.

The implementation of the Window of Thai Food Project is in the stage of design and creating models of the different areas to present the various elements to the people involved. The operation with the ability to efficiently drive and create project success requires Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Business Intelligence & Matching Center
  • Integrated Food Industry Consultancy Center such as the rules and regulations of Thailand and partner countries for exports, facilitation of food registration, statistics on the products, imports, exports, market value, business lists, experts, etc.
  • Proactive Information Center for business meeting with War Room system
  • Business Matching Center: contact, invest, negotiate, purchase and sell with one-stop service
  • Linking with the related financial and banking services
Area for Food Innovation Service Center
  • Provides information on available machinery, innovation and technology in Thailand from the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Educational Institutes (focuses on using IT for the exhibition / parts of the exhibition for real products in order not to waste space).
  • The area for presenting new technologies to support access to the Industry 4.0 and emphasize increasing the value of products in the Thai food industrial sector.
  • Community of development and design which focuses on the development of people, products, processes and supporting factors by using cultural capital, concept of creative economy and digital economy.
Area for Market Display “Made in Thailand”

The exhibition area of Thai food which have been developed through a production system that meets the international standards in terms of both safety and environment, and have a production capacity at an industrial scale. This is to create business alliances between SMEs, OTOP and Buyer / Trader / Consumer both in Thailand and overseas with readiness for real purchases (by using the concept of genius supermarket). The categories of General Food, Halal Food, Health Food, Functional Food and Others are displayed on the Interactive Product Shelves. By touching the product, there will be a screen showing the product details such as price, ingredients, manufacturer, production capacity, Water Foot Print, Carbon Foot Print, nutrition facts, health benefits, Phytochemical and medicinal properties of the spices and herbs, to provide information for the decision making of consumers and investors.

Area Section 4: Area for Shopping, Cooking and Tasting
  • Restaurants and kitchens providing services in the role model area, which are approved by the GMP Mass Catering Standard and use good service food management practice selecting the finest Thai ingredients to cook a variety of dishes from both authentic Thai recipes and popular menus around the world (Modern Recipe) for you to choose.
  • Cooking service for products from Market Display to be consumed in the store for the consideration of making business orders. This area is also a model of food service business management providing information for those who are interested in opening a commercialized restaurant.
Area for Show Case: Cook, Taste and Decide
  • Launch New Product / Market Test Activity Area for the cooking demonstration of the products into different types of food with a chance to taste them and introduce their product information (Food Quality, Nutrition, Phytochemical, The Antioxidant Capacity etc.) for buyers to decide on orders or for market testing, in one place.
  • Service area for showcasing the products of both domestic and foreign food manufacturers which are new products.
  • Service area for Thai cooking classes of both authentic Thai food and Thai fusion cuisine according to generational changes, to allow the students to apply it in their Thai food cooking profession both in Thailand and abroad.
Area for “Culinary & Gastronomy Center”
  • A source for exchanging knowledge on culinary science and arts, from food selection, preparation, serving, and preservation to the ability to manage a budget. In addition, it includes other considerations such as elegance, compelling atmosphere and the use of modern technology. It is used as a space for developing future recipes related to the knowledge of gastronomy and science which can be tested for nutritional value and tastes before forwarding to the R&D team to develop to industrial-scale processed food.
  • A source of knowledge of appropriate nutrition for each age and lifestyle.